Team Building Feel Good

From INEVENTING, an agency specialized in corporate events, FEEL GOOD is born, in order to design and produce Team Building activities within a framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on the needs of our clients. CSR aims to encourage the well-being, teamwork and motivation of the participants, creating value for the companies. Getting our clients to enjoy experiences that transcend, strengthening ties and ties between people, in actions that range from contributing to environmental recovery to meeting the needs of our social environment.

Our Services

According to the needs of our customers, since ten years, we have worked in different areas where we have developed responsible event formulas tailored to the desired objectives:


FEEL GOOD is a brand designed by INEVENTING, with more than ten years of experience conducting corporate events such as incentive trips and conventions, for companies around the world in the Canary Islands.

Feel Good Team

Our main value is the people who make up our multidisciplinary team with a common denominator, which is to help companies conduct corporate events with a clear focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our day to day

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