Feel Good

From Feel Good, we design, develop and produce experiences through events, workshops and solidarity projects for employees, suppliers or customers, strengthening their values ​​and links with the company, increasing their satisfaction, improving their motivation and, consequently, the work environment and the productivity.

In addition, the company will reinforce its image with the Canarian society, increasing the loyalty between consumers and customers, being able to include these activities in its Corporate Social Responsibility plan and facilitate its recognition and adhesion to the CSR Network of the Canary Islands Government.

We offer consulting services so that those companies that do not have, can develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility plan, in accordance with its mission, vision and values.

We facilitate the link between the three pillars: employees, company and society, transforming the participation of our client in corporate volunteer actions or in a responsible event / project, linking social and business needs and promoting the development of capacities for joint growth, Teamwork, obtaining a greater impact and impact on people.

We are experts in these and many more actions in which we make small gestures, Corporate Social Responsibility actions, so the company will have the opportunity to create value for your brand, but above all, for the people who make it possible; employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators and / or associates ...



Business Objectives: Improve the brand image, obtain greater loyalty with customers, increase competitiveness, increase the development of corporate values, generation of emotional links between the people who make up the template.

Objectives for Employees: Awaken concerns in situations and realities in the territory, develop their attitudes and skills working as a team and creating common bonds.

Social purposes: Promote specialized collaboration to strengthen social, environmental or solidarity programs.