Add to your corporate events the last name of Responsible, it will increase the added value of your company and will generate unlimited possibilities of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.

From teambuilding activities, meetings and fairs to volunteer programs, all possible options, linked to corporate social action, will positively influence the improvement of the company's image, teamwork, relations among guests, as well as the motivation and pride of them, among others.



For a company, being socially responsible means recognizing and integrating social, labor, environmental and human rights concerns in its management, therefore, we offer internal workshops for employees in the company; nutrition, relaxation, healthy habits, reduction of environmental impact, safety and many others.

We focus our attention fully on raising awareness and educating, with the aim that what is learned is applied on a day-to-day basis for the rest of their lives. 



We transform an incentive travel into a social or responsible action, having a direct impact on business objectives, directly influencing the motivation of employees, improving the corporate image and the climate of the organization among others.


We offer consulting to develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility plan, in accordance with the mission, vision and values ​​of the company.

We help to meet all the necessary requirements to enter the Network of Canary Social Responsibility and thus expand the added value of the company projecting a good image in its potential and effective clientele, connecting with the values ​​and principles of the community, outdoing its competitors beyond the attributes of the product or service offered.

It is for all of this, that according to the needs of our customers, for ten years, we have worked in different areas where we have developed responsible event formulas according to the desired objectives: